Cougars are magnificent and mysterious – this is what adds to their charm. In the quest to look for a cougar coupling with younger men, the cubs are the ones increasing on the prowl. There are many men who are clamoring for more. If you’ve ever witnessed a cougar dating event closely, you will find that there are many men who are turned away or are on the waiting list.

Top 5 reasons why you should date a cougar

What’s the lure for younger men? Older women are more sophisticated and more experienced at that. These women are at the prime of their sexual prowess and will rock your energy, quite literally taking you higher up on your performance ladder. Here are more reasons why you would seek a cougar.

Younger women more pro to marry

Women in the younger 20s and 30s are so eager to commit into a relationship, often taking things much seriously. They think about marriage and having children immediately. It is difficult to get these ladies to understand your current standing. Whereas you could meet a cougar and things wouldn’t be as compulsive. You can share your heart out and even get cozy after a casual date night. Knowing that the older lady is comforting only makes it easier to express yourself better without thinking too much.

Older women are more established

The fact that you can talk to your date about finances is the best part why younger men look for a cougar. It is good to have a reliable person whom you can reach out to in need. Whether you’re thinking of studying further and are looking for someone to sponsor your college fees, or want to travel the world on a budget, cougar women have both the money and the heart to be able to help you to fulfill all your desires.

Accepts you with all your flaws

A younger woman would always have some expectations from you in terms of committing time and also bear her financial needs. With a sugar momma you will not likely be responsible to pay for most things. The lady will not only pay for herself, but even for you. She will overlook your relatively small flaws that won’t impact her much. In earlier cougar-cub meeting events, organizers laid their focus on elderly ladies looking for younger men, but now there are more men excited to catch a cougar!
In all respects, you should prefer older women to younger ones as they’re more grateful.

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Are more accommodating

Women usually find younger men more accepting about who they are than men of their age. They are not stupid or irresponsible like other girls of your age. They have seen even the worse things in life and know exactly how to resolve situations. Things seldom get complex when you date an older women. There is a sense of comfort and accommodation, which you wouldn’t find in younger women.

Brings out your best always

Did you know that 33 percent of cougars are single moms and 57 percent are entrepreneurs? A majority of cougar ladies are either a single parent or have an established career as a businesswoman. With their head on their shoulders, you would never find a better companionship than these amazingly dignified and self- made ladies. They bring out the best in you as you worry less about immature things and work towards your goals. They’re supporting and not aggressive with commitment which makes it a win-win situation.

Still wondering whether to find a cougar to date? These are the top reasons why you must choose to date a cougar and find yourself becoming more adventurous than ever.



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